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About Ascend Agro

Our Highlights

Ascend Agro is headed by Mr. P. Govarthanan, Who comes from a farmer community.

For the past 25 years, he was involved in traditional family based agro business activities such as farming on own land, contract farming, trading of agro commodities etc. in large scale.

During his business tenure, he came across specific requirements of the people which stimulated his thoughts and made him to explore further about the particular products.

Then finally he came to know the complete promising medicinal benefits of the products he was delivering to the society.

He slowly recognized that, even without his acquaintance he was serving to his surroundings with the valuable products which has huge medicinal benefits.

Due to his broad minded nature, he decided to serve the nation and the world by bringing the natural gifts from the source of origin to the market where everyone can enjoy the benefits of those natural gifts.

His Motto of serving the people by providing natural medicinal products on a big scale was supported by his daughter Mrs. Aishwarya which paved the way to start ASCEND AGRO under the roof of ASCEND EXPORTS and IMPORTS.

Now, ASCEND AGRO is constantly involved in the research of bringing the untapped natural gifts which has huge medicinal properties that can prevent and cure many diseases.

  • Never compromise on Quality & Time
  • Reliable partner
  • Priority is your satisfaction, not money
  • Expertise in planning & Scheduling
  • Expertise in Project Management

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